Researcher and Data Analyst

During this project I proposed the design of system architecture of a peer-to-peer energy trading system and lead its technological development.

This work involved several tasks. I have programmed the optimisation engine using the library for the linear programming in Python. Tested the function of the measurement devices and ensuring the reliability of data collection. I have also programmed the backend system (PHP, Laravel framework) and supervised the development of the frontend (ReactJS). The system was designed with focus on the ease of the code maintenance, continuous integration and deployment using the modern software tools.

During this time I have also gained more knowledge of the electricity market in Czechia and had participated on a range of tasks involving the analysis and prediction of the likely behaviour of the electricity system.

Postdoctoral Research Associate

I was associated to a project Analysis and Design for Accelerated Production of Tailored Composites (ADAPT) with a line manager Timothy Dodwell. This project aims to develop novel manufacturing methods for composite materials for aerospace engineering.

During the process of manufacture the carbon fiber and resin are heated up in a pressure chamber. This allows for the consolidation of the carbon fibers, while the excess of the resin is expelled from the composite. The challenges of the computation is the non-linear behaviour of the carbon fibre.

During this project I was working on development of simulation code implementing three dimensional structural model of carbon fiber manufacture. This involved simulations of partial differential equations (PDE), finite element methods (FEM) and continuum mechanics.