PhD Degree

I have finished a PhD in applied mathematics at the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences (CEMPS) at the University of Exeter supervised by Prof Vadim N. Biktashev. My viva voce exam was in front of examining pannel of Prof Alexander Panfilov from Gent University, Belgium and Prof Peter Ashwin from University of Exeter.

The area of application of my thesis are mathematical models of the heart, i.e. cardiac models. Those models can help to understand the function of heart, as well as explain pathologies and suggest possible treatment of patients.

The heart can be studied in different levels. From the macroscopic scale of whole organism, into larger details of the organ, tissue and finally microscopical level of individual cells.

My research focuses on the cellular models describing electrical activity. The electrical excitation triggers a chain of processes at theirs end is the contraction of the cardiac muscle. So, that we can say that the electricity drives the regular beating of the heart.

The electric activity relies on membrane ionic channels which are mathematically described by a system of ordinary differential equations (ODEs). Those equations are ultimately solved by computer algorithms, that can predict how will the system evolve in time.

Ionic channel can be described by a state model called Markov chain. The states represent specific molecular conformation of the channel. The properties of many of Markov chain models require very intensive and time demanding computation.

Together with my PhD adviser, Prof Vadim N. Biktashev, we aim to develop efficient numerical methods for solving Markov chain ion channel models.

Master Degree

I have finished a master in Biomedical Engineering in Valencia, Spain. I have took a specialisation in Bioelectricity which allowed me learn more about electrical properties of cells and also about engineering methods of signal processing or design of electronic devices used for the acquisition of biological signals.

By the end of my master I was offered an Erasmus travel grant to take part in an internship at the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering (DEI) of the University of Bologna, Italy. During my stay I have develop my final project advised by of Prof Stefano Severi, Dr Sanjay Kharche and Prof Jose Maria Ferrero.

The aim of the project was to asses the effect of the omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (EPA and DHA) present in fish oil on a function of a particular potassium channel (human slowly activated potassium channel IKs).

Using experimental data from electrical measurements on cells we have estimated the optimal parameter set of the IKs Markov chain model in control conditions and after an exposure to fatty acids. Consequently we estimated those effects within a cellular simulations.

Bachelor Degree

I have finished a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering with major in Biomedical Engineering at the VSB-TU Ostrava. This interdisciplinary degree was designed with the emphasis on the application of electrical engineering and computer science in medical environment. Besides tutorials in both classical engineering and medicine subjects , we have also participated in field training in the University Hospital of Ostrava.

My final project was focused on the development of documentation for the implementation of system for blood glucose metering in the University Hospital.